Pink Flower

I don’t know about you
But I’m never blue
My favorite color is pink
Pink is what I think
Pink is such a lovely color
If it’s right I could wear it all over
Too much pink makes me stand out
At a party that’s what it’s all about 
I don’t know if I like that much attention 
Pink is better off an addition 
It goes well with black or brown 
Some colors you put it with makes you look like a clown 
Looking classy with grey and white 
I am looking out of sight
I am also into pink things
Among my favorite things to do
It’s on my running shoes 
There’s nothing wrong with a pink car
To you that might be going too far
I’m not the Pink Lady, amused
With other colors pink is fused
Just like a pink carnation
I am an original creation 
I am sort of a pink cactus flower
Authentic every hour
Silent, except for that pink flower


Suddenly Sound


Hahaha some pink gear.


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