A heart felt cry!

they kept me locked in a bottle

i had no real life

every God given talent

locked on the inside

who can get me out

my communication limited

only a few are allowed in

the knowledgeable has looked upon me

a brief fame gave me this name

that way out has now waned

til this day this Genie is not free

a spirit locked in a bottle

is what I will be

a spirit my maker will

one day see


Suddenly Sound

Click and read this passage about Genie a tortured child.


For further reading click the pic …




My opinion about Genie’s as a magical or spirit entity;

genie_lamp photo w xtra

Genie’s are spirits to me that are trapped in a bottle until the so called right person comes to get them out. They are not spirit’s I would recommend using. If you notice they always cause a problem in the movie’s and cartoons after they are out. The person who activated their powers usually wants their wishes reversed after seeing  the destruction they cause.


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