Everything done in excess is toxic
We all have the potential to become toxic
Toxic to ourselves
Toxic to others
One is never enough we got to have another
Music don’t stop play it over and over
Until that sound is plaid out
We will never recover
Sound is toxic
Food is toxic
People are toxic
Man made…it’s toxic!
Contaminating ourselves until our families our toxic
I wonder if we’re going to wake up and stop it
Fruits of self control
Seem to get thrown out the window
Or a window we cannot see threw
Excess piled high like a hoard
Saying what’s next get on board
Warning! Stay away from toxic people
No don’t go because I need you
Fears of letting go, oh no
Hear, comes the devil with his wicked smile
Your so toxic
Let me go or I’ll kill you
Your not my child
Stop getting offended.
You know being that toxic is a sin
The devil would have us chasing superficial fillings
Mind saying no but your body was willing
Senses all out of control
Food, sex and things
Do whatever you want
No that’s negative
No that’s the truth
Listen I know what’s he’s trying to do
Don’t let him win
Don’t let him in
It said
One bite is not enough

“Like hold that potato chip bag closed
with a safety pin or something”

I’m saying resist being toxic with all you got
When it comes again
Like a balloon go POP!

Growing up away from toxic
No stress
Good bye excess
Suddenly Sound


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