A Time To Be Micro


A Time To Be Micro

Maybe starting micro isn’t bad at all!
The kingdom of heaven was compared to a mustard seed
Not much faith at all

I declare those meek people will inherit the earth
Better than being compared to a rich man and a camel you know the verse.
God even said he would make the last first
Micro has props that want fade fast
Soon as those puffed up ones have past

Come see what else is rejoiced over!
Like a celebrity entering an arena
Like somebody gone for a long time and your happy to see them
Lost ones
No matter the status

Referred to as children of God
God’s angels rejoice after
Remember God sent his son a royalty
To come die for you and me
Why surely we must be lower than he
Yet he wants us all to be free!

Oh how micro mini I must be
I know I was a sinner now set free
Angels must have partied
When they got word of little old me.

The idea of something micro becoming big isn’t farfetched not one bit
The maker of the Poor and Rich is where they met.
Being too busy tempted by each other to see who they have in common I bet.

Well I thank God I was micro mini me
And I hope you can see
How micro things can one day become big just open your eyes and see.
After all there will always be something micro mini about me!



Suddenly Sound



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